Our suggested amendments to the Parliamentary Standards Bill 2008-2009


On 23 Jun 2009, Harriet Harman presented this bill before parliament.  It can be seen by clicking Parliamentary Standards Bill

Although it goes a long way to reign in the excesses of our elected MP’s, there are a number of changes – in effect repeating and reinforcing the same amendment – as follows:

  • Clause 3.4 – Insert sub-clause “(f) HM Revenues & Customs” and rename current sub-clause (f) to (g)
  • Clause 5.12 – Insert “as described by HM Revenues & Customs and in any event all information as required to be reported on HMRC P11”
  • Clause 7.2 – Insert sub-clause “(d) at the request of HM Revenues & Customs”
  • Clause 7.5 – Insert sub-clause “(d) procedures to co-ordinate investigations with HM Revenues & Customs”
  • Clause 8.6 – Insert sub-clause “(f) HM Revenues & Customs” and rename current sub-clause (f) to (g)
  • Clause 10 – Insert sub-clause “(d) any proceedings or investigation by HM Revenue & Customs”
  • Clause 11 – Insert appropriate clause(s) that requires the IPSA to synchronise information between itself and HM Revenue & Customs, so a single view of information is available for decision making by all authorities, including HM Revenue & Customs and IPSA.

Repeal any/all Income Tax or Budget clause(s) that provides special or alternative treatment for MP’s rather than being treated as any other tax-payer.

We feel these amendments will make MP’s more transparent in their financial affairs with OUR money.  Please write to your local MP via http://www.writetothem.com/ – feel free to copy & paste the above text – and demand that they incorporate these amendments before the bill being passed into law.


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