New website on the way !


After extensive testing, our Microsoft hosted website, created with Microsoft Development Tools does not like Microsoft Internet Explorer and we’re having to review the design [again!] 😦

Over the next couple of weeks we will be changing the site and moving page content.  These are the changes we will undertaking:

Change Area Description
Home Page Reduce “active” content
Clearer site navigation
Site Navigation Re-organize pages to reduce “clicks” to find information
Active Content Spread around the site, reducing the individual page load times
Analytics Re-introduction of Woopra for real-time analytics.
SEO Review and improvements to Search Engine Optimization
Site Login Ability to create User profiles

Tighter integration of Facebook, Google Friends, Twitter and OpenID for site login.

Data Storage Tighter integration between “front end” and “back end” data storage

New Query and Presentation module to allow extraction of information to XML for re-use

“The Cloud” More use of distributed “cloud based” systems
web 3.0 Some of our content will soon be “semantic generated” – i.e. intelligent aggregation of information via various sources, that are created as you view the page.

These changes should not adversely affect the existing information, and will provide a fast and stable environment for our users.

The ability to create user profiles will allow us to provide information that is relevant to you, quickly and effectively.

If you want to suggest anything else, please let us know via our Contact Us page.


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