Parental Responsibility: Request for Assistance


We are currently compiling our list of “standard” correspondence packs, tailored to individual requirements, that will form the basis of our “self-help” section for Non Resident Parents with Parental Responsibility.  These packs will contain a selection of automatically generated letters that should be sent to various central & local government departments, Non Governmental Organisations and other authorities that we believe will enhance and enforce your rights as a parent with parental responsibility.

The principles behind the wording of these letters comes from existing legislation and regulations and a small section of policy and regulations are listed in our document which can be currently used to remind the authorities you can have the information about your child(ren) you’re asking for.

However, as part of this project, we are currently generating a comprehensive knowledge base of legislation, rules, regulations  & policies for both UK and EU Government.  This “simple” task has many, many, many (!) related articles, with incremental changes and branches and we are mapping the relationships for publication 1st quarter 2010.  This map will be automatically updated as new regulations are proposed and enacted.  This project is well progressed, and on schedule.  A small demonstration of the “proof of concept” will be available on our soon to be published new website and we will welcome your suggestions for improvement.

The computer techies out there will recognise the above problem with team-based business system development, and it is analogous to the Change & Configuration Management process.

The next “phase” is the local government regulations and policies, along with upward mapping to UK/EU regulations and polices.  This is where we will be needing your help!  We will, of course, be contacting all the local government bodies within England & Wales, and asking for copies of their interpretations and policy documents. In the meantime, if people could ask their local authority for this information, we can use it should they not want to help us with our project.  An electronic version of any information you can get would be most welcome – please send your contributions to


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