Currently investigating use of Part 54 of the Civil Procedure Rules


In addition to updating our automatic letter generation tool, for Non Resident Parents, we are looking at creating Applications for Permission to Apply for Judicial Review of court and public agency decisions, action or lack of action, of these public agencies.

For information about the Notes for Application see here:

and for Dept of Justice notes, they can been seen here:

Version 1 of our tool currently asks for lots of information about your circumstances, and generates specific letters based on your answers, to specific agencies and related parties.  We envisage version 2 will include the correct information in follow up letters that will comply with the Pre Action Protocol.  Where fees are payable, so long as you’ve followed our procedures for Information Collection and Initial Agency Awareness, we anticipate we will provide funding for this, where alternative funding is not available.  A brief description of these procedures can be seen here:

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