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Draft Policies have been updated and we just love Twaiter !

Our main policies are now linkable, and tweets are sent out regularly so you can see what they are !  Simples.

If you want to view or link to them, just use this handy table

Policy Area Short Link
Government Restructure http://bit.ly/Restructure
Benefits and Social Cohesion http://bit.ly/Policy02
Community Relations http://bit.ly/Policy03
Jobs and Welfare http://bit.ly/Policy04
Pensions and Older People http://bit.ly/Policy05
Third Sector, Charities and Voluntary Organisations http://bit.ly/Policy06
Business http://bit.ly/Policy07
Schools http://bit.ly/Policy08
Culture, Media and Sports http://bit.ly/Policy10
Defence http://bit.ly/Policy11
Foreign Affairs http://bit.ly/Policy12
Health & Social Care http://bit.ly/Policy13
Crime http://bit.ly/Policy14
Immigration http://bit.ly/Policy16
Justice and Democracy http://bit.ly/Policy17
Local & Devolved Government http://bit.ly/Policy18
Climate Change and Energy http://bit.ly/Policy19
Countryside Management http://bit.ly/Policy21
Environment http://bit.ly/Policy22
Housing http://bit.ly/Policy23
Transport http://bit.ly/Policy24
Treasury-Systems http://bit.ly/Policy25
Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act http://bit.ly/ResponsibilityAct
Corporation Tax http://bit.ly/CorporationTax
Value Added Tax http://bit.ly/ValueAddedTax
Sales (or Purchase) Tax http://bit.ly/PurchaseTax
Inheritance Tax http://bit.ly/InheritanceTax
Stamp Duty (on Property Purchases) http://bit.ly/StampDuty
Changes to National Insurance http://bit.ly/National-Insurance
Education Funding Tax http://bit.ly/EducationTax
Income Tax http://bit.ly/IncomeTax
Individual and Household Tax Allowances http://bit.ly/TaxAllowance
Council Tax & Higher Earner Local Tax http://bit.ly/CouncilTax
Recreational Drugs Review http://bit.ly/DrugsReview
Boundary Reform http://bit.ly/BoundaryReform

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