Gov Ministerial Statement – #wco Money (Work & Pensions: Fraud & Error (Benefits System))


Duncan Smith, Iain raised an interesting point.

Subject(s): Money; CMEC-CSA; Scrutiny

I am today publishing “Tackling fraud and error in the benefit and tax credits systems” a new joint DWP and HMRC strategy. This will be followed by a wider cross-government approach to tackling fraud, error and debt collection across the rest of the public sector being led by the Minister for the Cabinet Office. This strategy contains proposals to reduce significantly the level of fraud and error in the welfare system. It contains measures to prevent fraud and error from the outset of any claim; root out and correct mistakes where they do happen; deliver tough punishments for those who defraud the system; and deter those who would try to abuse the system in future. …

Comment by #wco:
“All financial information should be shared between all relevant agencies (both central and local) to eliminate errors and inconsistencies. In addition, this would provide the basis for correct assessment of universal benefit payments in the future.

We would strongly suggest the concept of “Circumstance Payments” that would replace all current benefits. The idea of “Income Based” or “Contribution Based” should disappear, along with “Passport Benefits”. Additional help (eg free prescriptions etc) would be granted based on the total household income rather than what type of benefit received.”

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Published: 18/10/2010 00:00:00

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