Why #wco won’t be putting cartoons on our profiles for the #NSPCC


The wheresmydad.org.uk™ Charitable Organisation was created with the simple vision, philosophy and tagline of “promoting fairness, equality & parity for BOTH parents”.

This is the guiding principle in all of our activities, whether scrutinising parliamentary activity, or building our knowledge systems for our support tool wNat.

This simple statement means we cannot agree to situations where discrimination is present, whether implied or explicit.

Unfortunately this our “sticking point” with the NSPCC.  They have spent £250 Million pounds on advertising it’s recent “Full Stop” campaign, that according to New Philanthropy Capital thought the campaign was “flawed and naive” with “zero evidence” it actually benefitted any children.

In addition to this possible waste of a massive amount of money, the NSPCC has consistently opposed an automatic right of contact for both parents, arguing that this is not necessarily in the best interests of the child.

It is for this reason we will not be putting a cartoon character as our profile pictures on social networks.

With an average full time staff of 1871 people, at £57.8 million on wages & salaries and an additional £7.3 million on pensions (Average NSPCC earnings: £30,894 + £3,882 pension totalling £34,776 per year).
Let us not forget the 31 people that earn more than £60,000 per year (6 over £100,000 per year)

Total Voluntary Income (the money you put into the collecting tins etc) …… £102,074,000
Total Employee Costs (paying the people and pensions etc) …… £71,248,000

Therefore, simple arithmetic shows Employee costs are 69.8% of Donations.  So that for every £1 you donate, nearly 70 pence is for staff, and just over 30 pence goes to their objectives.

Surely there may be a better way to spend all this money?

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