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Mother could face jail because her children talked to each other on Facebook – Telegraph


This case would make headlines across the land, if it were not hidden behind the family courts’ extraordinary wall of secrecy.

Mother could face jail because her children talked to each other on Facebook – Telegraph.

Courtesy Christopher Booker via The Telegraph

Role of Parental Responsibility


As part of the development process of NAT, our NRP Awareness Tool, we identified lots of areas where Parental Responsibility (PR) is either ignored, misunderstood or just wrongly interpreted.

Various areas of concern exist, including Childcare, Healthcare & Education. Although Central Government agencies understand PR, local government or regional agency offices appear not to.

We will be releasing how we understand PR regulations within England & Wales, with links to existing legislation, practice direction, precedence and published guidance.

The aim is to “de-skill” this area of law, providing clear indications of how the regulations should be implemented and removing and reducing ambiguity of intent.

If you have any examples of situations where you feel your rights as NRP with Parental Responsibility are not being upheld, then please let us know within our discussion thread on Facebook by going to

Many thanks

Brighter website and #NRP Awareness Tool close to release


We’ve spruced up the main website as part of the upcoming release of our #NRP Awareness Tool.  It’s taken a little longer than expected, but it’s all looking good !

“NAT” (NRP Awareness Tool) will allow a parent to generate, follow-up and manage a suite of correspondence with government departments, non-governmental bodies and relevant agencies to highlight and reinforce the position of NRP (Non Resident Parent) where the PwC (Parent with Care) has upset the status quo of regular contact.

Please have a look round the new site by clicking ; “Like” pages as you see them and let your friends on Facebook know you care about parental equality.

World Bank datasets now available and ne


World Bank datasets now available and new API portal #opendata #ge2010

New! See where and what our taxes get sp


New! See where and what our taxes get spent on #ge2010

“ashamed to be a woman” – Cassandra Ja


“ashamed to be a woman” – Cassandra Jardine’s thoughts after watching BBC series Who Needs Fathers? ^w

Security Warning – Anyone may be able to obtain your email address from Facebook !


Do you have an account with Facebook ?

Have you changed your Privacy Settings for Contact Information ( ) to stop people getting your email address?

We use a number of providers for email services, to protect our “name”, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo too …

Unless you have protected your email address within the Privacy Settings on Facebook, anyone importing contacts to Yahoo will get a list of these email addresses into their Yahoo Contacts!

Within Facebook, we have a number of “Friend Lists” setup, including what we call “9 Limited” – most new “friends” are added to this list when we respond to a friend request within Facebook, just until we know who they are.  In the Privacy Settings, we do not allow people to see certain things – like phone numbers and email addresses – by including the “9 Limited” list in the “except:” boxes.


Once we found this out, we did a small test and found that we could get 90% of email addresses for our friends on Facebook !! We’ve deleted the downloaded contact records.

“You cannot negotiate with these people and expect rational discussion”


Although I appreciate you may not like "the system", and shouting may be good for the short term, the only way we believe to change things is to use the system.  By "use", we mean understand, consider and anticipate the way "it" works. 

This means acting like a solicitor, as you say, LISTENING to what people think is wrong with "the system" and then respond in a meaningful and structured way.

Our stated activity at the moment is assessing the state of UK & EU law.  This is no easy task and is taking time.  However, where we see a distinct area we can make a positive and constructive change, we formulate policy and strategy to overcome these obstacles.

It may sound like "lawyer" or "politician speak" – and that is EXACTLY what we’re aiming for.  We want to be able to accurately oppose the current situation and argue the case for NRP’s, and we do understand that some other groups do not agree with our methods.  The more fronts that we can make public and loud, the better – but again, these are OUR methods, and we think they will have an impact on the overall situation suffered by Non Resident Parents.

Some of these routes include taking part in the current review of Family Law (please see both details of the review at and the Government Green Paper at )

We believe that getting involved in the creation, amendment and repeal of legislation is the best way to improve the situation and increase equality for Non Resident Parents in a currently unfair, unjust and plainly biased system.

Automatically creating and managing your personal mail campaign


We’re developing software to create and manage the "letter writing" process for Non Resident Parents, to reinforce their position prior to the established "status quo" of contact with their children changing. As part of this is the use of the correct language to enable further automatic complaints to be raised when the agencies and authorities fail or refuse to assist – including the use of the Administrative Court and Civil Procedure Rules. The system is nearly (!) ready, and will be needing some guinea pigs soon – anyone wanting to use the system, by all means join us on our page on Facebook at and read more about the Civil Procedure Rule via!C7771365DF4DB62E!200.entry

A smile & a ribbon … Had the best day


A smile & a ribbon … Had the best day today with my girls .. Big shout out to Amanda (sexy mamma!) & Lissy – 5 clever as feck !! 🙂 ^G!

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