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Mother could face jail because her children talked to each other on Facebook – Telegraph


This case would make headlines across the land, if it were not hidden behind the family courts’ extraordinary wall of secrecy.

Mother could face jail because her children talked to each other on Facebook – Telegraph.

Courtesy Christopher Booker via The Telegraph

Role of Parental Responsibility


As part of the development process of NAT, our NRP Awareness Tool, we identified lots of areas where Parental Responsibility (PR) is either ignored, misunderstood or just wrongly interpreted.

Various areas of concern exist, including Childcare, Healthcare & Education. Although Central Government agencies understand PR, local government or regional agency offices appear not to.

We will be releasing how we understand PR regulations within England & Wales, with links to existing legislation, practice direction, precedence and published guidance.

The aim is to “de-skill” this area of law, providing clear indications of how the regulations should be implemented and removing and reducing ambiguity of intent.

If you have any examples of situations where you feel your rights as NRP with Parental Responsibility are not being upheld, then please let us know within our discussion thread on Facebook by going to

Many thanks

Brighter website and #NRP Awareness Tool close to release


We’ve spruced up the main website as part of the upcoming release of our #NRP Awareness Tool.  It’s taken a little longer than expected, but it’s all looking good !

“NAT” (NRP Awareness Tool) will allow a parent to generate, follow-up and manage a suite of correspondence with government departments, non-governmental bodies and relevant agencies to highlight and reinforce the position of NRP (Non Resident Parent) where the PwC (Parent with Care) has upset the status quo of regular contact.

Please have a look round the new site by clicking ; “Like” pages as you see them and let your friends on Facebook know you care about parental equality.

Security Warning – Anyone may be able to obtain your email address from Facebook !


Do you have an account with Facebook ?

Have you changed your Privacy Settings for Contact Information ( ) to stop people getting your email address?

We use a number of providers for email services, to protect our “name”, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo too …

Unless you have protected your email address within the Privacy Settings on Facebook, anyone importing contacts to Yahoo will get a list of these email addresses into their Yahoo Contacts!

Within Facebook, we have a number of “Friend Lists” setup, including what we call “9 Limited” – most new “friends” are added to this list when we respond to a friend request within Facebook, just until we know who they are.  In the Privacy Settings, we do not allow people to see certain things – like phone numbers and email addresses – by including the “9 Limited” list in the “except:” boxes.


Once we found this out, we did a small test and found that we could get 90% of email addresses for our friends on Facebook !! We’ve deleted the downloaded contact records.

Just a quick reminder about our blog address’s


As part of our website ( changes, we have decided on the following internet services:

Our blogging services are:

MS Live Space at
WordPress at

we micro-blog using the following services:

Twitter at
Brightkite at

our Social Network site is

Facebook at

and we publish items to/from the above services via our Google Shared Page at

Our website will primarily be based on Joomla.

A new data publishing chart will be published soon, including a list of the applications used.

Guinea Pigs & Testers wanted :)


We are looking for people to help test our new, simple FB application.

If you can help. please go to and add the application.

It will allow you to use your FB account to log into our main website and publishes small, relevant status messages to your FB wall if you allow it to.

Many thanks for your help, and we will be publishing our shiny, new website soon.

New comments page available


Please leave comments on our new Comments page at

It uses Facebook to validate users, and is the next stage of our preparations for our big launch and publicity campaign before the Christmas Holiday festivities.

You may have noticed we’ve closed our group on Facebook so we can concentrate on maintaining our Page on Facebook and our home page.

Pah ! Computers !


We’re glad that the UK Parliament have recessed, as Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader have decided to play up and causing problems with our feeds into website.

We’ve stopped all the links between data sources, aggregator and publishers while we conduct thorough testing (again!).

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for assistance as all of our back-end systems are working fine – just the web-side presentation is not working properly.

Facebook, Google and other OpenID Integration


Your Services Group are currently developing a number of applications that will work within the Facebook environment and link to our website securely.  This will allow us to provide customised information to registered users that are relevant, accurate and up to date based on your profile.

We’re very impressed that it’s not just another quiz !

The initial look at the application is good 🙂  It’s intelligent enough to understand (in a simple way) your interests from known Facebook Pages and Groups you’re affiliated with, and suggest others that may be useful to you.  We need to set some rules up that will allow registered users to relate various login usernames, e.g. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace etc etc, as being recognised by us.  That way, if you visit our site in the future, you will see relevant snapshots from all your social sites in a handy gadget on “your page”.

Once we’re ready for testing, we’ll be asking some of our fans if they want to help us.  Keep watching you inbox for the invite !!

We’ve been updating automation again …


We’ve been looking at how data is collected and presented to MS Live Space, Facebook and Twitter and apologise for a rush of data that was in our newsfeed today.  We know how annoying too much information can be !

To make it easier, here is how links and feeds get to our Facebook status and Newsfeed.

wmd Data Feeds

If you’d like any help or assistance with your own website or information use, please contact us via

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