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Just a quick reminder about our blog address’s


As part of our website ( changes, we have decided on the following internet services:

Our blogging services are:

MS Live Space at
WordPress at

we micro-blog using the following services:

Twitter at
Brightkite at

our Social Network site is

Facebook at

and we publish items to/from the above services via our Google Shared Page at

Our website will primarily be based on Joomla.

A new data publishing chart will be published soon, including a list of the applications used.

Pah ! Computers !


We’re glad that the UK Parliament have recessed, as Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader have decided to play up and causing problems with our feeds into website.

We’ve stopped all the links between data sources, aggregator and publishers while we conduct thorough testing (again!).

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for assistance as all of our back-end systems are working fine – just the web-side presentation is not working properly.

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